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Environmental Policy

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Framework Business Installations Ltd recognises that we are responsible for our actions, while being indebted to society in which we are active members. With this in mind we actively seek to give high priority to the development and use of materials, products, processes and services that seek to reduce environmental impact. It is also understood that current environmental regulations, laws and codes of practice set the minimum standards for environmental performance and Framework Business Installations Ltd will strive to set best practise standards.


Self regulation is not seen as an excuse for avoidance, rather seen as an opportunity to exceed even our own expectations. We operate a management system which seeks to improve continuously our environmental performance, identifying concerns before they occur. Through constant consultation with clients, partners and society where possible, we aim to set standards for firms to benchmark, helping to improve living standards of local and global society of which we are part.


Company Policy


Detrimental affects on the environment will result in economic difficulties for all firms, and Framework Business Installations Ltd aims to alleviate problems caused by our actions through the adherence of the following practises:


  • We aim to contribute to the conservation and protection of the natural environment, through practises which are sustainable and conducive to social well being.

  • Audits will take place on an annual basis, ensuring full compliance to environmental practices, while identifying areas for concern, training or development.

  • We aim to adopt low-polluting technologies, processes and practices where reasonably practical through the use of sound waste management techniques such as source reduction, re-use, re-cycling and safe disposal. Practises which we understand reduces the amount of toxicity of trash, delaying there entry into collection and disposal systems.

  • Through reduction of vehicle emissions from coordinated route planning and delivery systems, we recognise the dual benefits of reduced exhaust emissions and fuel consumption. Regard to this policy should also be used during the procurement, operation and maintenance of vehicles, again reducing environmental damage.

  • To maintain principles of sustainable development in the provision of services, we will promote environmental awareness among all our staff. Encouraging involvement and suggestions, while supporting with training and development, nurturing a culture of environmental responsibility.




Environmental concern and protection is the responsibility of us all, however within Framework Business Installations Ltd responsibility lies with the Managing Director. As the leader and visionary within the organisation, direction and achievement of environmental goals and objectives will be pursued. Delegation of responsibilities should be monitored and reviewed, with environmental incidents and training requirements reported, allowing for continual improvement.




Latest versions and amendments of this policy will be internally briefed to employees, along with figures of achievement and areas of concern. The policy will also be externally briefed through the company website, to be viewed by all external stakeholders.



Mark Danford

Managing Director







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