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Inclusive Equality Policy

Framework Business Installations Ltd and all it’s employees recognise that many individuals and communities experience unlawful and unfair discrimination and oppression on the grounds of their gender (including transgender and transsexual people), relationship or marital status, race or ethnicity, disability, sexual orientation (because they are lesbian, gay, bisexual or heterosexual), age, HIV status, language, background, faith or religious belief, physical appearance and political opinions. We believe that equality for all is a basic human right and actively oppose all forms of unlawful and unfair discrimination. We celebrate the diversity of society and are striving to promote and reflect that diversity within this organisation. We also endeavour to encourage all suppliers, partners and subcontractors to celebrate such diversity, stressing importance of going over and above basic compliance.



At Framework Business Installations Ltd we aim to incorporate equality into our mainstream activities, through staff, partners, suppliers or subcontractors. To this end we have compiled, implemented and monitor equality based around objectives which include the following:

  • Framework ensures no-one within the organisation or using its services experiences discrimination or harassment.

  • Framework ensures that all workers, volunteers and management committee receive training on issues around equality and diversity.

  • Framework ensures services take into account differences and diversity and are accessible to all who need them.

  • Framework aims to improve the balance and representation of under-represented groups involved in the future development of the organisation.

  • Framework aims to develop human resources policies that enshrine the principles of equality, promote good management practice and meet the needs of a diverse workforce.

  • Framework aims to develop relationship with customers, suppliers and partners who embrace principles of equality, good management practice and meet the needs of a diverse workforce, while being willing to cut ties with organisations found to be rejecting such principles.

  • Framework aims to build on widening participation initiatives to encourage previously under-represented groups, to join our organisation.

It is understood at Framework that equality is a fluid subject, at times evading inclusion into often rigid objectives. However it is the organisations’ aim to be complete and transparent when dealing with these issues, aiming to adapt and modify objectives as and when required.


Equality Action:


Framework aims to ensure all equality objectives lead to a measurable outcome, by ensuring that grievances are dealt with fairly, quickly and without prejudice. However in the event of any grievance being raised, affected parties are encouraged to raise their petition with line managers. If the matter is not resolved or the grievance relates to the line manager, then departmental intervention by the director should be prompt and expedient. Failing to find resolution to any grievance will result in Framework seeking external assistance (such as ACAS), aiming to resolve the matter in a fair and equal manor. If external assistance is required, Framework will swiftly implement any and all recommendations.


Framework will instigate a yearly review of the Inclusive Equality Policy, through full consultation of employees. An open door question and answer session will be held with a full diverse range of employees to discuss changes and amendments. All amendments agreed upon will be implemented, monitored and reviewed as swiftly as possible.



Race Equality:


Framework views discrimination against anyone as completely un-acceptable, with decisive condemnation and disciplinary action taken against offenders. It is the responsibility of every person within the organisation, to ensure a culture of discrimination does not flourish. With this in mind the Inclusive Equality Policy will now detail the responsibilities of the functions within the organisation.




Through diligent supervision of systems and procedures, management will control, monitor and develop a culture which will not accept discrimination. Ensuring that every department within the organisation abides by the equality policy, while insuring any changes are fully implemented.


Human Resources:


It is the responsibility of the human resource department to ensure that everyone is treated equally, and without prejudice. Areas of main concern, which require due diligence are as follows:

  • Employment opportunities within the organisation will abide by the guidelines stated in the objectives, ensuring equal opportunities, whilst encouraging diversity within the organisation.

  • Training will be identified to help staff understand areas where discrimination can occur, managing their ability to operate free from discriminatory practices.

  • Internal progression opportunities will be based on abilities to fulfil the role, providing standardised hiring practises, removing opportunities for discrimination.

  • In instances where discrimination and inequality are identified, standardised investigatory and disciplinary practices will be used in every instance.

  • External organisations used for hiring, such as recruitment agencies, are made aware of our Inclusive Equality Policy.

Best placed to monitor instances where discrimination and inequality can occur, Human Resources have responsibility to society and the organisation to ensure full compliance to the policy. Policies should be taught to new staff during primary orientation into the company, expressing the importance of compliance.


Production and Purchasing department.


Ignorance is no excuse, and as such will be seen as unacceptable behaviour. With this in mind, every member of production, purchasing and administration departments are made aware of their responsibility towards the success of this policy. Every member of staff should be observant in assuring discrimination and inequality practices do not occur, reporting any instances to senior management. These instances may occur internally by colleagues Or management, externally by suppliers and subcontractors, and through development of socially inclusive products.



Sales and Marketing


Within Framework Business Installations Ltd, sales and marketing activities which are discriminatory or tantamount to inequality are prohibited. Areas which cause most concern would be advertising and promotional material. Due care and attention should used in all occasions to insure equality and social inclusion to our diverse society, while reframing from alienating or discriminating against any person or group.




Every person has the right to work without fear of harassment or bullying, any instances where this occurs will be dealt with stringently. Such un-acceptable practices will not be tolerated within this organisation.


Monitoring, evaluation and review.


Equality and diversity policies must be constantly monitored, statistical information collected and the results evaluated. Completed twice a year, information will allow us to understand how the policy is working, highlighting changes which may be required. Anonymous questionnaires should be completed by all management and employees, allowing an understanding of all aspects of recruitment, workforce composition and attitudes. This should be undertaking by members of the human resource department.


Monitoring, evaluation and review should also take into consideration any reported instances of inequality, either resolved or not. Full collection of data should be as accurate as possible, allowing for any recommendations to be implemented into the organisation.




Framework Business Installations Ltd is committed to combating discrimination in all its forms. Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people face discrimination, harassment and prejudice as part of their everyday life. Our Equality Policy highlights that such activity is totally unacceptable and will not be tolerated in any form.


Any employee, volunteer or management team member found to be discriminating against and/or harassing anyone within the organisation because of their actual or perceived sexual orientation or transgender identity will face disciplinary action, in accordance with our Policies and Procedures.


Framework Promise


Framework Business Installations Ltd is committed to the success of our Inclusive Equality Policy, promising full unconditional support to its adoption into the organisational culture. Many people suffer from inequality, discrimination and unfair treatment, however we will manage people to try and prevent it from happening here. We want the best people no matter who they are, and will not tolerate the actions of a few who try to prevent this from happening.



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