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Every living organism requires an ample amount of daylight to grow, however it is often mistaken that artificial light can act as a suitable replacement. Light magazine February 2006 states that it is a big assumption to say 500 Lux of artificial lights is equal to 500 Lux of natural light. With such a requirement for natural light are we doing enough, can we do more to ensure people get enough daylight?


Often it is the case that many buildings have been built without proper consultation with light specialists, or simply they are too old to be modified. But it is widely recognised that a number of sleeping disorders can arise due to abnormal circadian rhythms, due to shift patterns (Light: Jan 2006). This is supported in an article by Figueiro G. M etal 2005, who state in their research


“An increase in the percentage of melatonin suppression and an increase in pupil constriction for the mercury source relative to the blue light source at night were found.” (Figueiro G. M etal 2005)


By providing suitable lighting within buildings, we can ensure people get the correct amount of light suitable to prevent illness. We have a duty of care to ensure safety, but it is taking to much time to understand that lighting awareness needs to be a consideration.


Framework has access to all the leading light specialists, give us a call to see how we can help improve the lifestyles of those you have a duty of care to look after.










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